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Salesforce Project

Comforth Easyfront worked on managing the BtoBtoC and BtoB sales cycles around the various product and service families.

Multi-Brand & Multi-Country CRM rollout

This company’s Everest program is based on Salesforce.com technologies and is designed to meet the CRM needs of all its subsidiaries and brands.

The largest BtoB data base in the world

This BtoB data base company wished to share its wealth of data with Salesforce users by means of a solution integrated within Salesforce.

Customer Service Project - appexchange

This conversational marketing platform provider wanted to roll out its platform within the Salesforce ecosystem to provide its customers with an integrated tool.

Design and rollout of Customer Solutions

Rollout of the Salesforce platform for a French company specializing in digital signage.

Creating a customer information system

Tech-Way wanted to create a state-of-the-art technical maintenance company featuring a fully integrated information system.

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