Customer Service

Define new services and pathways

Identify trends

Roll out a crisis call center

During exceptional events, help to temporarily increase capacity in order to deal with high call volumes

Measure customer satisfaction

Anticipate customers’ needs and problems to better satisfy them

Advanced Customer Relationship Center

Design of an omnichannel tool to meet the challenges of customer relationship centers

Keep your customers connected and satisfied

Implement a reliable, scalable solution to build customer loyalty and help you stand out

Qualify and secure your customer base

Improve your customer knowledge and make your data more reliable with a solution aligned with your Salesforce CRM

Our customer cases

Implementation of an Enterprise & Broker portal

This insurance company for professionals wishes to provide an effective solution when offering its policies to companies.

Customer Care Project

To modernize its IS, this cosmetics company wished to implement a Customer Service solution.

Customer Relationship Platform

The customer relationship platform wanted to implement a single tool for its customers.

Creating a customer information system

Tech-Way wanted to create a state-of-the-art technical maintenance company featuring a fully integrated information system.

Global redesign of the Salesforce Platform

Implementation of the solution in view of the company’s future needs, taking into account the industrialization of its relationship with its retailers.

Design and rollout of Customer Solutions

Rollout of the Salesforce platform for a French company specializing in digital signage.

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