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We support your Salesforce projects

Extended app development

With Heroku, create apps that do not have the technical or functional limitations inherent to the Salesforce platform

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Secure your data

Implementation of a data retention and security policy that complies with audit and retention standards

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Connect your data and apps with Mulesoft

Create an integration platform to connect your organization’s apps

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Lightning Migration

Migrate from Salesforce CLASSIC to a Salesforce Lightning Experience

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Steer your business

Aggregate your data sources and take control of their processing to steer your business

Customer community 

Provide your customers with a personalized view of the data shared with the company

Release Management 

Quickly set up seamless integration and rollout across multiple Salesforce environments

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Continuous innovation (Third-Party Applications Maintenance)

Provide a maintenance solution to ensure Salesforce remains operational in production

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Dematerialize your invoices

Digitize processes related to the processing of supplier invoices

Dematerialize your contracts

Set up the electronic signature and automatic generation of your contracts, thus making your contractual relations more flexible

Salesforce Center of Excellence

Set up the governance needed to drive your Salesforce initiatives over time

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Digitize your business processes

Streamline your business processes to provide your customers or partners with a customized experience

Our customer cases Project & IS Architecture

Rollout of a group of application bricks using and technologies for service in the McDonald’s restaurant network and the Group’s internal hotline for distribution and supply chain management intended for restaurant chains.

Multi-Brand & Multi-Country CRM rollout

This company’s Everest program is based on technologies and is designed to meet the CRM needs of all its subsidiaries and brands.

Site management

Implementation of a solution capable of adapting to the specific features of the Group’s business lines, covering business processes from sales to collection.

Siagi - Customer Information System

Siagi wished to find a long-term partner to support them in the implementation of their new customer-focused Information System.

Customer Service Project - appexchange

This conversational marketing platform provider wanted to roll out its platform within the Salesforce ecosystem to provide its customers with an integrated tool.

Application integration

This insurance company wanted to develop its customer-focused information system by upgrading its CRM.

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