Our customer cases

Multi-Brand & Multi-Country CRM rollout

This company’s Everest program is based on technologies and is designed to meet the CRM needs of all its subsidiaries and brands.

Application to help in new product creation

Heavily involved in R&D, this company wanted to upgrade PCF, its tool for managing new product creation requests. Project & IS Architecture

Rollout of a group of application bricks using and technologies for service in the McDonald’s restaurant network and the Group’s internal hotline for distribution and supply chain management intended for restaurant chains.

Customer risk assessment

This investment bank entrusted Comforth Easyfront with undertaking this collection automatically, by udpating the customer the customer repository managed within the Salesforce platform.

CRM for Advertising Management

This regional daily press title took a strategic initiative to transform its organization and its approach.

Design and rollout of Customer Solutions

Rollout of the Salesforce platform for a French company specializing in digital signage.

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