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It is essential to make the right choice when you join the workforce! Fortunately, we hold all the cards to help you get your career off to a great start ! So, shall we give you a presentation of your future office ?

Not just an arrival, a new beginning !

Growing with a company that’s on the up

A friendly welcome from one and all !

What our staff say

“ What I appreciate the most is the support and proximity between consultants. “


Senior Consultant

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Charlène BELLEUF

Senior Consultant

Arnaud COLAS

Senior Consultant

Sebastien PENAGOS

Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant

Our tips for a successful interview

Be yourself

Tell us your story

Have your questions ready

Be yourself

Don't overdo it

Show us your ambition !

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Recruitment process

We prioritize quality of interviews over quantity, which is why it takes just 3 interviews and 6 weeks to sign your employment contract !


1st interview : meeting with our recruitment officer


2nd interview : meeting with a manager


Final interview before recruitment

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